Crowdfunding is a form of investment where many individuals can invest in a project, idea, or startup through a digital platform regulated by the legal framework of each country. In Spain, this form of investment is fully regulated by applicable regulations and theNational Securities Market Commission (CNMV).
Crowdcube is an equity crowdfunding platform where you can invest money in exchange for shares in a company. Entrepreneurs can obtain direct funding from those who believe in the startups or projects presented on the platform.
Crowdcube is one of the most recognized crowdfunding platforms in Europe. It is authorized by the regulators of the European Union (CNMV) and the United Kingdom (FCA)
Crowdcube is one of the most recognized crowdfunding platforms in Europe. It is authorized by regulators in the European Union, the United Kingdom, and the CNMV in Spain.
When you invest in a startup through Crowdcube, you become an investor in the company and own a part of it. Most investments are made in exchange for ordinary shares, which grant voting rights and preference over such shares. However, you should check thetype of shares offered on the campaign website, as it may vary. In most cases, your shares will be held in your name by Crowdcube Nominee Limited.

When you invest in a startup through Crowdcube, your shares in that startup are usually held by a nominee. This means Crowdcube will hold and manage your participation, but you will receive all the benefits of being a shareholder. Therefore, you will still retaincontrol by voting on key decisions, participating in investment rounds, or being informed of important company decisions. We recommend that you learn about Crowdcube’s nominee operation through the following link:

If you decide to invest in the startup, you must follow the process indicated on the Crowdcube campaign page. By investing in startups through Crowdcube, you become a shareholder in that startup. The percentage of the company you acquire will depend on theamount you invest and the percentage of equity the company issues in exchange for your investment. Once your investment is processed, you will receive a share certificate proving your ownership.

In this GoodNews crowdfunding you are investing in a convertible note. A convertible note is an investment in shares of a company that will be issued at a future date. The shares will be issued after a defined period of time after you make your investment. See pitch (GoodNews page on Crowdcube) for the conditions of the convertible note.

Companies often raise financing through a convertible note as part of a broader financing strategy. A convertible note allows a company to raise funds without setting a valuation, and in turn allows the investor to benefit from a discount on the valuation that is subsequently set. In a convertible note, the valuation at which you invest is fixed at the next investment round, or at an agreed valuation. See terms and conditions of the convertible note in the pitch (GoodNews page on Crowdcube).

The convertible note will convert into units upon the first of the following events: 12 months after the completion of your investment, or the Series B round of GoodNews closes.

The terms and conditions of the convertible note are available in PDF format in the pitch (GoodNews profile on Crowdcube).

In Spain, the Companies Act grants rights to minority shareholders and protects them from harm and abusive behavior. Crowdcube also ensures that the company’s articles of association and the current shareholder agreement include all standard clauses forinvestor protection. Additionally, Crowdcube verifies that all claims made on the startup’s campaign page are accurate and clear.
On the Crowdcube campaign page, you can find certain financial and economic information that will help you make a decision on whether to invest in GoodNews or not. All information on GoodNews’ campaign page has undergone a verification process (“duediligence”) conducted by the Crowdcube team to ensure all data is real and accurate. Additionally, GoodNews has created this website to provide more information and projections about the company, helping investors make an informed decision.
All investments in startups carry risk. By investing in GoodNews, you may gain benefits, but you may also partially or completely lose your investment. To compensate for the support of investors, GoodNews has created a system of exclusive rewards for investors,offering discounts and promotions that can be applied at any GoodNews store worldwide. There is a tab on this website with more details about the rewards system for investors.
Additionally, you can write to the contact provided for investors on this website, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have!